A Chilling Newspaper report About Britain, Published 4 Years ago;
Since this Report, Things have got Worse!

Revealed: How parts of Britain are now poorer than POLAND with families in Wales and Cornwall among Europe's worst offSeven areas of Britain poorer than ANYWHERE in France or GermanyWelsh Valleys is one of the Continent's poverty blackspotsPoles, Lithuanians and Hungarians wealthier than the CornishOutside London, only Home Counties and Aberdeen keep up with Germany EXCLUSIVE By Tom Mctague, Mail online Deputy Political Editor PUBLISHED: 10:47, 5 May 2014 | UPDATED: 13:46, 5 May 2014

Parts of Britain are now poorer than Poland, Lithuania and Hungary, official figures reveal. People in the Welsh Valleys and Cornwall - Britain’s two poorest areas - scrape by on less than £14,300 a year on average. Because Britain is so expensive, this leaves families in these areas worse off than those vast swathes of Eastern Europe, according to an EU study.
+7 In much of the UK, people's…

If we dont stop the Torys Soon .........


This is Britain Today

Way Back in the 1970s This was life for Millions of Britains; We all Hoped and Dreamed that things would get better; But alas by the 1980s Apart from Colour Pictures things under Thatcher were Worse.

And so to 2018; Are Things better today, NO they are not, Quite the reverse, MORE Poverty; MORE Homeless; Record Sky High Unemployment that only the Torys and Rich cannot see: As for the Disabled & Elderly, they are being Hit like never before, With Massive Cuts to Essential Benefits; Cuts to Pensions; The list goes on, We have a REVERSE Tory Government; Who "Takes from the Poor, And Gives to the Rich" And this Blog will Highlight what Mrs May and her Rich parasite Cronies are doing to the greater Majority of the British Population.